Re: Charge and Extend

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 May 1997 17:53:22 -0400

> We have not be able to get our charge feature to work. Example when we
> want to add a setup fee to an invoice, we need to add a charge. The tab
> allows this in the past but doesn't work anymore.
> Also, how does the extend work? When we add 1 to that field what

I can't say too much about the charging--I made a charge for what was
supposed to be a negative value (to create a credit) and it created a
positive value and attached itself to the next invoice for the customer. I
have since voided that invoice, but have been afraid to do anything else
with the charge (or a new charge or invoice) since then. Afterall, charges
apparently can't be deleted or voided and even when voiding invoices, the
dollar amounts still show up in the balance I think.

Extend is a one-time number of days to extend an existing expiration date.
If a user is due to expire on 5/2/97, but you still want the user to be
able to log in for a couple extra days (grace period), you can set a
one-time number of 5 days (or some other number). When that user makes a
payment, the next expiration date is the currentexpiredate + billingperiod.
The "expire" field resets itself back to 0.
If you want a permanent (recurring) grace period, you can set the "Limit"
field. This number will stay there even after a payment has been received
and the expiration date is "renewed".

For some reason it seems that Emerald Admin won't save a default "Limit"
value. It always resets itself to "5" I think, but Emerald (client)
continues to leave the field blank for some reason when creating a new
account. I had to run the following script to get all of my users (except
for 3 that I had manually set to a different number a few days ago) set to
7 days:

update MasterAccounts set OverDue = 7
where Active = 1
and OverDue = 0

Apparently you need to use RadiusNT 1.16.90 in order for the "limit" to
work. I set the limit on our users yesterday and noticed that a little
while ago one of our users who's account expired yesterday tried logging on
(today) and couldn't get on--eventhough I set the limit to 7 days,
yesterday. At the moment, I'm still running 1.16.60 though, so I guess
I'll change that in few minutes and see what happens.

As far as Emerald is concerned, I'm using Emerald Admin 2.1.0 and Emerald

Josh Hillman