Re: Charge and Extend

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 04 May 1997 03:24:38 -0700

Pat Augustine wrote:
> >I can't say too much about the charging--I made a charge for what was
> >supposed to be a negative value (to create a credit) and it created a
> >positive value and attached itself to the next invoice for the customer. I
> >have since voided that invoice, but have been afraid to do anything else
> >with the charge (or a new charge or invoice) since then. Afterall, charges
> >apparently can't be deleted or voided and even when voiding invoices, the
> >dollar amounts still show up in the balance I think.
> It's true that if you enter a Charge through the Emerald interface it
> makes it a postive value, but you can then (as a stopgap, anyway) go to SQL
> and change it to a negative value and it will apply as a negative value on
> the next invoice.
> Awkward, but better than nothing.

I noted earlier that this is a locale problem. Go into Control Panel,
Regional settings, and change your negative settings from (#) to -# and
it will store the number negatively. SQL Server is seeing the () and
intepretting them as grouping rather than negative.

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