RE: 2 questions

Erik Lundby ( (no email) )
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:41:03 -0500

You can re-send the same invoice. You select the number and print it
out again. Thats a long time to receive money. Hopefully they are
yearly. You can set the extend for the account up high or use
the limit field to give them a permanent extension.

[Erik] Yes but can I invoice the next term even though the previous =
term has yet to be paid. WE have some large corporate clients that the =
paperwork takes that long on. =20

As far as disconnection goes, you can disconnect a user who has a =
balance greater than what has been apllied to his account in the past x =
days. =20

i.e if a user is allowed 45 days and has an outstanding balance of $120 =
but has only been charged $89 in the last 45 days then the user would =
not be autheticated until he has at least paid enough to cover the =
difference of what he has been charged . This isn't really proper =

If you go by a credit limit then I wan to be able to charge interest for =
anything at over 30 days past due.

You could also pay specific invoices just by keeping track of unapplied =
monies and paying invoices from oldest to newest as soon as there is =
enough mony unnapplied to mark the oldest invoice paid.

I think a combination of a credit limit and the ability to charge =
interest along with the ability to make sure that a user has payed =
everything that hasn't occurred within the last x days would be ideal.

Not asking much huh?