Invoice Next Term for Credit Cards?

Pat Augustine ( )
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 18:28:21 -0400

I've recently started using Invoice Next Term, from the Master menu, when
creating a new account.
One thing I've noticed though is that it creates an " Invoice" and not a
"Credit Card", even if Credit Card is selected and Autobill is checked.
This invoice just sits there and does not get batched out when I go to run
Credit Cards, so it doesn't do me a lot of good. I've been going to batch
and creating them that way for Credit Cards (which does work and works
well), but it means I'm having to train people for two completely different
methods of creating the bill for a new signup (with the attendant increase
in possibility of error), and I was wondering if there was another solution
or if Invoice Next Term could create Credit Card charges when Credit Card
is checked and Autobill is on (I'm using 2.1.11, if that's relevant).

In a related issue, I've also noticed that if I print all unsent invoices,
it not only prints (and marks as sent) Invoices that I intend to print, but
also Credit Cards that I had intended to Batch Out, and that then need to
be marked as unsent (through SQL) in order to Batch them.
I'm guessing you'd assumed that Credit Card batches would be run before
printing Invoices, but I don't have enough traffic to do credit cards
daily, and I like to send Invoices to Invoice customers with their "Welcome
Letter", which IS sent out daily. Even if I did do credit cards daily, I
generate the Welcome Letters through mail merge first thing in the morning
to get out in the early mail run and so Invoices would be done before
Credit Cards regardless.
I realize that Emerald is looking for unsent items and can't possibly
cross-check to see if Autobill is on or not (or at least, that would be
unwieldy), but maybe it would only print whichever type is selected in the
pulldown (ie, Renewal, Invoice or Credit Card)? Or would that inconvenience
a lot of other ISPs?

Pat Augustine
Interlink America