Re: 2 questions

Pat Augustine ( )
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 18:55:04 -0400

>The main issue with balance forward is how do you determine when to
>authenticate the user? With expiration its easy. With balance forward
>do you let someone in who owes you $4, $10, or $25?

I was thinking it'd be the same as now, authenticate if they aren't
expired. My only real use for "Balance Forward" is somebody who sends a
partial payment. I can at least RECEIVE and post the partial payment (but
not mark the invoice paid) with Balance Forward, and if we've made payment
arrangements, then I can put time in the Extend Field. If not, they had
better send the rest of the payment before their period is up or they'll be
turned off.
The other use is someone who makes a simple mistake in writing the check,
paying an extra $1 or who decided to round it off, in effect getting a
credit against next months bill.

I certainly don't want the computer deciding how much money somebody can
owe and still get on. In those cases where payment in full is not received,
I want a human being involved. If there's so many that it becomes
overwhelming, there's other problems do deal with.
But the ability to receive an amount that's different from that on the
invoice and apply a credit towards next month, or make a decision to charge
the difference to next month, would be very useful to us (which, I guess,
theoretically we could do now with the Charges button, but it'll show an
incorrect payment history).

Pat Augustine
Interlink America