Emerald charges

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 14:19:18 -0400

Can a charge in emerald be voided or deleted?

I just created a charge for an account for $-19.95 (credit) after voiding
an invoice that had already been paid, since there's no way to reverse that
apparently. Unfortunately, when I look at the customer's History, the
charge shows as $19.95 and NOT -19.95. After batch-creating a few invoices
today, this customer's came up and showed the charge and the regular
renewal amount and added them together just as it should have, BUT the
charge is a positive number instead of a negative number, so the invoice
total was too much.

How do I delete or void the charge??

Should I have created an Invoice for -19.95 instead of a charge??

All I'm trying to do is "nullify" the reception (in Emerald) of the payment
because it came a month early.

Emerald 2.1.11


Josh Hillman