simples q's about Calls columns

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 12:38:15 -0400

I'm going to drop my existing (corrupt) Calls table and recreate it from
scratch (THANKS, DALE FOR THE INFO), but before I do it, I need to add some
columns to the insttabs.sql file to accomodate the additions by Ascend (Max
I've got a couple simple questions about the Calls table's columns:

1. By default, when doing a query on the Calls table, the output is
displayed in order by NASPort. Can this be changed to do it by
CallDate, or would that cause problems/delays somewhere?
2. I can change the default horizontal listing order of columns in
this table without causing any problems, right?
(NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, etc. --> CallDate,
Username, Ascenddatarate, etc.)
3. These columns have always had "(null)" in them. Can I "safely"
eliminate these from the script before running it? What do
they represent?
UserService, LoginService, LoginHost, AcctTerminateCause,

Max 4004 5.0Ai4
SQL 6.5
Emerald 1.1.11


Josh Hillman