Re: Serv-U and emer_su.dll

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:58:23 -0700

Kelly Wright wrote:
> > Is Serv-U running in foreground mode or as a service? Does the user
> > Serv-U
> As a service

Who is it logging in as? Remember a system service can NOT access a
share or UNC.

> > is running as have permissions to the UNC that you have specified for
> > the user?
> >
> Not sure of the question.

If you specified \\server\users\username as the users home dir, thats
Universal Naming Convention (UNC) for their home dir.

> I did this from the dos prompt and it does list the directory successfully.

Yes, but you are most likely not logged in as the same profile as the
service is running?

> Question- Do I need to have a permission and pw to run it as a service?

You should run it as a specific user, rather than the system service.

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