Re: corrupt Calls table

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:52:09 -0700

Josh Hillman wrote:
> I ran "dbcc checkdb(Emerald)" and "dbcc checkalloc(Emerald)" and
> both came up with errors with the Calls table. The second one produced a
> result set of 1.6 megs of text (nearly all error-related about the Calls
> table). The response from the first query is attached.
> If there's no way to fix this, will dropping the Calls table and recreating
> it take care of the problem? If I need to drop the table and recreate it,
> I'm guessing that there are probably other tables that will prevent an easy
> removal of it, so how do I go about doing this so I don't screw up the
> whole db? It's bad enough that I've "lost" nearly all of the data in the
> Calls table... Only ports 1-5 and 44-48 are being updated in the Calls
> table. All other tables, including the CallsOnline view are working
> properly.

They could be related. You could rename your calls table to CallsOld
re-create the calls table. If you don't want your old data, then
it and re-creating it would be fine. Since the calls table doesn't have
any DRIs, its an easy one. Follow these steps:

1. Using SEW, drop the Calls Table.

2. Load insttabs.sql in QA, highlight the Create Table Calls section and
click execute. You can also just execute the entire script without
destroying anything.

3. Run in QA these scripts: insttrig.sql, instperm.sql

> In case it makes a difference, the server that SQL resides on, had the
> wrong year in it for about 12 hours. The year was set to 96 instead of 97.
> At 3am every night, SQL performs a diskdump on Emerald, however because of
> the screwy year, that may have caused something to get messed up?? There
> are entries in the Calls table for these calls (with the wrong year), but
> as with the other calls, calls that took place on ports 6-43 are missing.

I doubt the year would cause anything drastic to happen. Remember, the
RadiusNT lets SQL Server (not RadiusNT) set the calldate. This
the needs to have the clocks on all your RadiusNT servers set the same.

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