Re: Serv-U and emer_su.dll

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:03:35 -0400

At 07:46 AM 4/17/97 -0700, you wrote:

>> >> The emer_su.dll loads fine. When we test the ftp for a users account we
>> >> get an "550 Access denied" error. The dir info is not showing up in the
>> >> wsftp window.
>A new version of the emer_su.dll file is available (version 4.1) which
>addresses this. The length of a directory was uped to 50 from 31. I
>will work on making this a dynamic allocation so that size is not a limit.
>The file is in the /emerald/external directory on the FTP

This new file worked. Thanks, Dale!