Re: Emerald billing question

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:19:23 -0400

> Josh Hillman wrote:
> >
> > We have a customer who is moving in a few days and will no longer be
> > our service after 4/25, though he's paid through 6/1 (pays quarterly).
> > I'll call our accountant and have her send out a check for the 36 days
> > worth of unused service, but how can a credit be entered into Emerald
> > reflect this? So far, the only thing I did with his MBR is change the
> > expiration date from "6/1/97" to "4/26/97". All other fields were left
> > alone.
> >
> > If there's no easy solution, what about creating a manual invoice under
> > that MBR/service and have a negative dollar amount?
> A quick way of doing it is creatig a negative charge, in escence, a
> credit.

I haven't done anything with the above account yet, but I just created a
charge for another account for $-19.95 (credit) after voiding an invoice
that had already been paid, since there's no way to reverse that
Unfortunately, when I look at the customer's History, the charge shows as
$19.95 and NOT -19.95.

How do I delete or void the charge??

Should I have created an Invoice for -19.95 instead of a charge??

Emerald 2.1.11


Josh Hillman