What causes new invoice?

Pat Augustine ( ereth@ilnk.com )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:37:12 -0400

I've got a customer who expires on 5/1/97 and I can't make it generate a
new invoice for him. It tells me no new invoices to create. I got lots of
invoices created for that same date this weekend, but he wasn't one of them.
What does Emerald look at to determine whether to make a new invoice? I've
hand added some past due invoices (from our old billing) and some of them
have been paid. I suspect something in there is preventing me from billing
him from May, but I'm not sure what to check.
He has an outstanding Invoice from December, and a payment on 3/29 and
4/16 for other invoices (feb and Mar, respectively). I tried changing the
dates (through SQL) but that didn't seem to help (unless it needs to be
done other than in Invoices, Invoiceitems or Payments).

I'm sure it's something simple, could you point me in the right direction?

Pat Augustine
Interlink America