Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 01:44:21 -0700

Neil Johnson wrote:
> Dale,
> I am getting everything going OK, and I am happy to report that RadiusNT and Emerald seem to be working fine from the tests I have run.
> The question I have is about the NTMail DLL and its availability- when and where can I get it.
> Also, how will the DLL work? I.E. will the Dll add NTMail accounts for users if we have already added the users Emerald account before having the NTMail DLL? We have about 850 current E-mail accounts we want to change over to Emerald and the NTMail DLL, but we would like to avoid any headaches when we switch since e-mail is of a very high importance to our users.

As soon as we are confortable with the Serv-U DLL (which is based on the
code base) we will release the NTMaill DLL. There is a couple of issues
are adding at the last moment, though. Originally we were not going to
an External system for NTMail, but we decided to go ahead and allow it,
be able to specify a subset of the accounts to receive email. The
will be all of them. We'll probably finish up the code this week, and
it available for beta the first of next week.

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