Neil Johnson ( neilj@cybrtyme.com )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:52:51 -0500

I am getting everything going OK, and I am happy to report that RadiusNT =
and Emerald seem to be working fine from the tests I have run. =20

The question I have is about the NTMail DLL and its availability- when =
and where can I get it. =20
Also, how will the DLL work? I.E. will the Dll add NTMail accounts for =
users if we have already added the users Emerald account before having =
the NTMail DLL? We have about 850 current E-mail accounts we want to =
change over to Emerald and the NTMail DLL, but we would like to avoid =
any headaches when we switch since e-mail is of a very high importance =
to our users. =20

Thanks in advance!
Neil Johnson
Webmaster - CybrTyme, Inc.