Re: Callhistory Q&A

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 15:44:52 -0700

Josh Perry wrote:
> Ok answer me this...
> 1) Is it not true that the charges button on the batch tab consolidates the
> calls table into callhistory?

It 'tis true. :)

> 2) If this is true do I need to specify a date to consolidate from the
> calls table in the date box.

No. It will consolidate all complete billing cycles.

> FYI when I run the charges button I come up with a few new entries in the
> callhistory table each time, though the size of my calls table never
> changes. Also I found a bug where if in the emerald admin, under config
> database, then under the rates tabe, if you checkmark allow overtime, then
> put a value in the over charge box then uncheck allow overtime the charges
> button will still bring up a charge for whatever is in the over charge box
> whether the allow overtime is checked or not.

Allow overtime is not implemented. It is desisgned to stop the user
from logging in (a future feature of RadiusNT) when they reach their
limit. It does not affect overtime billing.

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