Callhistory Q&A

Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 14:29:59 -0700

Ok answer me this...
1) Is it not true that the charges button on the batch tab consolidates the
calls table into callhistory?

2) If this is true do I need to specify a date to consolidate from the
calls table in the date box.

FYI when I run the charges button I come up with a few new entries in the
callhistory table each time, though the size of my calls table never
changes. Also I found a bug where if in the emerald admin, under config
database, then under the rates tabe, if you checkmark allow overtime, then
put a value in the over charge box then uncheck allow overtime the charges
button will still bring up a charge for whatever is in the over charge box
whether the allow overtime is checked or not.

I am just trying to understand how this consolidation of the calls table is
done and how to make it work.

Josh Perry