AW: Any way to act as a "Service Bureau" of sorts with Emerald?

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:12:26 +0100


a MBR is a 'single billable entity'. We're doing what you want with
different billing groups, so every 'sub-ISP' has it's own group.
You can run seperate billing batches for each group.

cu, Peter

>Gesendet: Mittwoch, 26. M=E4rz 1997 07:35
>Betreff: Any way to act as a "Service Bureau" of sorts with Emerald?
>We are an isp but also provide "back-end" services for othe ISPs. =
>services include authentication, mail service, news service, the remote
>access conections, billing, support, etc.
>We would need to be able to do the following in Emerald. Create a =
>Billing Record for Each ISP that we service. No problem. The problem =
>that we also bill each of the MBRs customer's (ie. MBR subaccounts)
>directly on behalf of the ISP. We then invoice the MBR for all the
>subaccounts to receive our compensation. The problem is that there is =
>way to enter a credit card number in the subaccounts table. Therefore =
>becomes very difficult to automate the billing process.
>I realize that this may not coincide with your whole MBR/Sevices
>relationship. But I will ask the question, is there any way you plan =
>implementing such a capabilty? Or, would it be possible for us to =
create a
>separate table that is linked to the subaccounts table to make this =
>Mark Colasante
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