Sorry, again and again...SQL 6.5 international data formats :(((((

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:36:39 +0100

Dear Dale & other SQL specialists ;)

Emerald is using tables that contain Datatypes 'money', 'real' and
In the country setting of server and client we've set a format of
1.000,00 (1<dot>000<comma>00) for the number _and_ currency display.
The SQL client (ger) is set to 'use international settings', the default
language for the SQL-user logged in is Deutsch/german, Network is 'named

1. A 'select * from Accounttypes' gives (assuming that all fields
contain 15.5)

cost (Money) : 15,50 (correct)
Tax (real) : 15.5 (wrong, it should be a 'comma')
Tax_old (decimal (5,3)) : 15.500 (wrong, the same problem.)

2. If I try to 'update tablename set cost|tax|tax_old=15.5' , I have to
_always_ (also for cost) the <dot> to get it working, a <comma> gives me
a syntax error.

'Accounttypes is just an example, this happens for all other Emerald
tables as well causing real problems)

How can I change this behaviour? What's causing it?

(I already tried a complete reinstallation of the client and the server
with no luck, I must be missing somthing obvious :(

It seems I MUST have the 'comma' as decimal delimiter to get Emerald

cu, Peter