Re: Any way to act as a "Service Bureau" of sorts with Emerald?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:51:31 -0800

Mark Colasante wrote:
> We are an isp but also provide "back-end" services for othe ISPs. These
> services include authentication, mail service, news service, the remote
> access conections, billing, support, etc.
> We would need to be able to do the following in Emerald. Create a Master
> Billing Record for Each ISP that we service. No problem. The problem is
> that we also bill each of the MBRs customer's (ie. MBR subaccounts)
> directly on behalf of the ISP. We then invoice the MBR for all the
> subaccounts to receive our compensation. The problem is that there is no
> way to enter a credit card number in the subaccounts table. Therefore it
> becomes very difficult to automate the billing process.
> I realize that this may not coincide with your whole MBR/Sevices
> relationship. But I will ask the question, is there any way you plan on
> implementing such a capabilty? Or, would it be possible for us to create a
> separate table that is linked to the subaccounts table to make this work?

Actually, create a new billing group for each ISP. Make each user of
ISP their own MBR. Then you can bill at will. The billing groups allow
to keep everything seperate (per ISP) and also use Emerald Remote. You
could write a quick Crystal Report is you want a break down of the users
per billing group. We do this with a lot of large business who are
reselling our services to their employees. Its pretty easy and works

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