Re: Frustrating calls table problems....

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:39:15 -0500

At 10:25 PM 3/17/97 -0800, you wrote:

>> The computone does have unique IDS, you just have to read the docs to set
>> them up!!! i sent Dale a detailed how to about 2 months ago. it should be
>> in the archive's.
>I mentioned this in the message before the one quoted and he
>said I was wrong. :(

Dale, where is it, then? Computone's own docs (page 350) state:

Acct-Session-ID: This is to help you associate start records with stop
records. Presently, it is an ascii string of the form NN.P.S, where NN is
a sequence number that starts with 0 when the IntelliServer is rebooted,
and increases by one each time a user logs in. P is the port number, 0
through 63, and S is the seesion number, 0-7 (but almost always this will
be zero).


Computone's tech support says this is correct, and that it cannot be changed.

If you know how to change it, I would greatly appreciate knowing how. I am
running Kernel 1.5.1f. Thanks!

(The message you refer to in the archives doesn't exist -- I've looked at
every message Dave Harris has posted since the new archives went into
effect -- and it isn't there).

>> On another track, Dale I really, and I mean REALLY need to be able to
>> restrict access for certain accounts to 9-5, I've been good for two months
>> and haven't bitch ed, but it's time...
>Its in test in the new RadiusNT. Its a part of the port access
>control. A new version of RadiusNT which is specific for
>Emerald is available in the /emerald/beta directory, and we'll
>be updated it soon.
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