Frustrating calls table problems....

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 12:26:38 -0500

Dale et al..... How are the session ID's chosen and kept unique, and how is
the calls table read into Emerald into the Online Tab?

I rebooted a hung CompuTone this morning. It started over at session ID
1.00.0 for its new sessions, even though RADIUS wasn't rebooted. These
numbers MAY conflict with numbers already in the calls table for another

Also, even when I EXPLICITLY select this NAS for monitoring in the Online
Tab of Emerald, it always says 0 users online on 0 terminal servers. I
have gone into SQL Query, and done a "select * from Calls" query, and yes,
the accounting data for this NAS is being inserted into the Calls table
properly. I've watched the Accounting ACKs fly by on the screen with
Radius in DEBUG mode. The data *is* there. Emerald just refuses to
extract it from the calls table and insert it into the Online session
monitor (and presumably, the reports), even when we tell it to look
EXPLICITLY at this NAS, or "all".

This problem seems to happen ONLY on NAS's that are NOT on the same LAN as
the SQL Server. This NAS is on the other side of a router in a remote POP.

What am I missing, or doing wrong? I'm starting to understand this more
and more, and will be happy to give back help here once I do understand it,
but this one has me baffled.... The data is THERE, but Emerald is ignoring