Re: Frustrating calls table problems....

David Harris ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 20:17:30 -0600

At 10:55 AM 3/17/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Jeff Woods wrote:
>> At 05:02 PM 3/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> >Acct-Session-ID is a NAS calcultaed number. It has nothing to do with
>> >the RADIUS server. I beleive if you configure a NTP and setup the
>> >Computone to use it, it will have unique IDS on reboot. Unfortunately,
>> >I am not an experienced user at it.
>> I don't believe the Computone has this option. Again, the A-S-ID seems to
>> be not time based, but time from restart, which would thus be VERY bad.
>Then I don't know what to say. You can remove the key from the calls
>table and pray for the best. Other than that, tell CompuTone to make
>thier RADIUS accounting usefull. If you can't prevent duplicate
>accounting, how are you going to bill based on it?
>> >The calls table and the callsonline view is related, but NOT the same.
>> >If callsonline isn't working, you either don't have the trigger
>> >installed to upkeep the callsonline table (actually the server ports
>> >or you don't have entries in the server ports table for the NAS.
>> I've checked both the trigger (present) and the ports list and both are
>> present. Any other ideas?
>Is the trigger the one from the insttrig.sql script? I have seen some
>installations with 6.5 where people used the HTML wizard to get a report
>from the calls table each morning and it busted the calls trigger.
>> Perhaps you can DETAIL what I'm looking for in the trigger area? Based on
>> what someone ELSE said, I believe the trigger to be correct, but I may be
>> mistaken.
>Compare it to the one in insttrig.sql for delete it and re-run
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Jeff, and Dale,

The computone does have unique IDS, you just have to read the docs to set
them up!!! i sent Dale a detailed how to about 2 months ago. it should be
in the archive's.

On another track, Dale I really, and I mean REALLY need to be able to
restrict access for certain accounts to 9-5, I've been good for two months
and haven't bitch ed, but it's time...

David Harris
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