Emerald Reports

David Khoury ( dave@flex.com.au )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:06:18 +1000

OK ... I mailed to the maillist a week ago. Mailed directly to Dale 2
days afterwards, because I didn't get a response from the maillist. Still
no response. Does anyone know about this problem because getting some
reports working would be very nice (read as ESSENTIAL).

Anyway, here's a copy of the mail I sent:

>> OK Dale ... tried this, but I'm still getting "No report found". Also,
>> there is no def_rec.rpt file in the Emerald directory. The complete list of
>> rpt files is:
>> account.rpt
>> call_sum.rpt
>> defrev.rpt
>> Fields.rpt
>> invcc.rpt
>> invoice.rpt
>Not all the reports are included.

Hmmm. Not too sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that not all
the reports needed are included in the emer32_2075.zip file?? Or they're
not included on the FTP site?? Or not all the reports configured in Emerald
are available??

>> Even downloaded all the reports from ftp.emerald.iea.com/emerald/reports
>> and put them in my emerald directory. Still not finding them.
>Which specific reports are you not finding?

Well ... I've taken your suggestion of downloading >2.0.84 to check out
the reports. The reports that Emerald is trying to find that definitely do
not exist are:


Note that these are all found under the "Emerald" tab in Reports. There
is a report on the ftp site called expaccts.rpt . I downloaded it and
changed it's name to acctsexp.rpt . Running it generated the error "Error
in Formula".

There are also the reports in the "Custom" tab ... none of which exist:
acctsexp.rpt (same as in the Emerald tab !! :)

>> Actually, I lie. The "Deferred Revenue" report kind of works. It comes
>> back with an error saying "PG32.DLL cannot be found ...", then goes on to
>> say that "Database field has not been deleted: MasterAccounts.FirstName use
>> count=0" (and same with MasterAccounts.Lastname and .Company), then finally
>> says "Unable to load Report". Tried locating PG32.DLL ... it's nowhere on
>> the hard drive.
>The def_rev.rpt on the the ftp site does not have the graph in it
>and shouldn't give you the pg32.dll error.

Downloaded it ... and also downloaded the pg32.dll file that I found in
the beta directory. Now it's complaining about "Unable to connect:
incorrect log on parameters".

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