Re: Emerald and Netscape Mail integration

Wayne Jordan ( )
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:00:57 -0600

WOW, you guys need to take a chill pill!!! This is why we can't get faster
beta releases is because of this attitude. It also sounds like IEA has some
nice software they could release but won't just because of this. The minute
they say they have something that might work I see a couple of emails say
sure count us in and by the way can you get it to support this and this and
do this.

I've been using Emerald for over a year, since the early days :-), let me
tell you it is the ONLY software that is doing what it claims to do. I also
understand that when you develop software you must choose certain products
that you can test your integration with (i.e. Post.Office, Soft*Deposit)
and deal with those first. As you get more customers buying your software
you can add additional support for those on a as needed basis. But if you
have a client base of 1,000 and 900 of those are using say Post.Office it
doesn't seem logical to spend resources on integrating say some obscure
software you found at the flea market on sale.

I hope you guys get my point I'm not talking specifics here, just that the
spirit of things around here are getting just a little intense for me.

Thanks for your time

At 04:12 AM 3/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Why MUST you be SO proprietary!?!? Are you trying to be the NEXT
>Microsoft/Sun/Netscape/Corel/Lotus/Intel/Adaptec/etc... as you get my
>point. You should make it work with all mail programs or you will see
>someone else just take your profits away.
>> From: Tommy Cheng <>
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Emerald and Netscape Mail integration
>> Date: Saturday, March 15, 1997 1:31 AM
>> No, I want Emerald to have POP3|IMAP for Netscape Mail Server. :)
>> Actually, with older Netscape mail, just use Post.Office and it should
>> work.
>> Tommy
>> Pat Augustine wrote:
>> >
>> > Dale,
>> > I managed to get Emerald Admin set up properly for Emerald to create
>> > accounts from 2.090.
>> >
>> > However, in both of the subsequent versions (2.092 and 2.098), it no
>> > longer works. I get the email form letter from Emerald email, like when
>> > did work, but the account is not created. No error message, just
>> > create the account. I'm guessing it has to do with the change to
>> > POP3|IMAP, since we are using an older version of Netscape Mail Server.
>> >
>> > My question is, obviously I can cure it by going back to 2.090, but in
>> > some future revision that's no longer Beta, I'll want to upgrade and
>> > wondering if there'll be a version choice for the various versions of
>> > Netscape Mail Server?
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