Bugs in Emerald and general questions

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 16:07:23 -0500

Bugs in Emerald:

..75 and .92
1. TSGraph shows ports 0-23 for a 24 port system fine (except numbering is
different), but after upgrading our Max 4004 to 48 ports (x0101-x0124,
x0201-x0224), TSGraph shows 0-46. In other words, TSGraph is missing one
of the ports. I already checked in the CallsOnline and Calls tables and
both display information for all 48 ports without any problems. Emerald
Admin shows all 48 ports as well. The Online tab in Emerald displays the
proper port numbers too.

2. When displaying an invoice (double-click on an existing invoice in the
Invoices area or in the History area of an MBR), the invoice type in the
pull-down options, displays "Compliment" instead of its real type (Renewal,

3. When clicking on the Accounts tab, the Status box displayes
"Loading..." eventhough a search has not yet been initiated. The same
thing happens in the Invoices area, but the display says "Searching..."

4. In the Services area for an MBR, under the General tab, the AM/PM is
burried beneath the name of the Last Modified by person.

5. When batch-creating invoices of the "Renewal" type, invoices are
created for people paying by check/cash (invoice) and credit card.
Shouldn't it only create invoices for the " Invoice" PayMethod?


1. Where are "Cash" and "Check" used in the table, below? Are they for
specifying a form of payment when a payment is received? If so, is this
already implimented somewhere or is it for use in a future version of
PayMethod GroupID
--------------- -----------
Cash (null)
Check (null)
Invoice (null)
Other (null)
Purchase Order (null)
Amex (null)
Discover (null)
MC (null)
Visa (null)

2. In the Payment Tab in .90/.92, how do the "Add New Payment" and "Add
New Credit" work? Is this where a credit would be applied to an account if
for example the person payed for their nex month's service but canceled the
following day? This would mean that their month's service would have to be
credited back to them, so in order for Emerald's dollar figures to reflect
that, is this where credits are applied for such occasions?
If someone pays $20.00 instead of the $19.95 on their invoice, is this
where a "New Payment" of "0.05" would be added?

3. Can a "Pay" button be added to the "History" area of an MBR so an
existing invoice can be marked paid from within the MBR rather than going
back to the Invoice area and doing it there? Same question applies to
"Print". This would be a nice time saver in the event that someone needs
to print and/or pay an invoice then go and "Invoice Next Term" for that
same MBR. Instead of going back and forth between different windows (since
Emerald can't have multiple sub-windows open at once), all of this could be
done from within the MBR area.


Josh Hillman