Re: Frustrating calls table problems....

Jeff Albright ( Jeff@Dynasty.Net )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 14:36:15 -0600

Jeff Woods wrote:
> Dale et al..... How are the session ID's chosen and kept unique, and how is
> the calls table read into Emerald into the Online Tab?
> I rebooted a hung CompuTone this morning. It started over at session ID
> 1.00.0 for its new sessions, even though RADIUS wasn't rebooted. These
> numbers MAY conflict with numbers already in the calls table for another
> NAS.
> Also, even when I EXPLICITLY select this NAS for monitoring in the Online
> Tab of Emerald, it always says 0 users online on 0 terminal servers. I
> have gone into SQL Query, and done a "select * from Calls" query, and yes,
> the accounting data for this NAS is being inserted into the Calls table
> properly. I've watched the Accounting ACKs fly by on the screen with
> Radius in DEBUG mode. The data *is* there. Emerald just refuses to
> extract it from the calls table and insert it into the Online session
> monitor (and presumably, the reports), even when we tell it to look
> EXPLICITLY at this NAS, or "all".
> This problem seems to happen ONLY on NAS's that are NOT on the same LAN as
> the SQL Server. This NAS is on the other side of a router in a remote POP.
> What am I missing, or doing wrong? I'm starting to understand this more
> and more, and will be happy to give back help here once I do understand it,
> but this one has me baffled.... The data is THERE, but Emerald is ignoring
> it....
> Thanks!
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Do you have the calls_insert trigger installed? This actually populates
the serverports table..

To verify, go into Enterprise mgr, select manage, select triggers,
select the calls table, select the drop-down on the right-hand side,
select calls_insert if available...

If not, you need this trigger... (or so I think)

-- Jeff AlbrightDynasty Online, Inc.