Re: Adding Charge to MBR

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 10:04:19 -0800

Richard J. Sears wrote:
> I am running 2.0.88 and I am having the following little problems:
> 1) When attempting to print any invoices or MBR records, Emerald returns
> the floowing error:
> Emerald Print Error
> 20536: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters

Do you have an "Emerald" ODBC DSN setup and pointing to the
Emerald database? Do you have a system, user or both?
You should only have a system OR user Emerald DSN.

> 2) When in the MBR Screen, I select Charge to apply a onetime charge to
> the record. I select one of the predefined charges, like a setup fee,
> and click create. Nothing happens. Nothing is added to the invoice or
> the billing information. How do I use this function.

I'll have to check into this one. I am pretty sure we use this
regularly without a problem.

> And finally a question: What report (.rpt) file is the e-mail invoice
> based upon. I looked at each .rpt file in the emerald directory using
> Crystal Professional and none of them matched the invoice that Emerald E
> -Mails out. I am just overlooking it?

Isn't not based on a rpt file. It might be in a later version, but
currently certain parts are hard coded. 2.0.86 and higher allow
you to insert text into the header, body, and footer of the
emails, though. See the changes.txt for info.

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