Adding Charge to MBR

Richard J. Sears ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 02:20:21 -0800

I am running 2.0.88 and I am having the following little problems:

1) When attempting to print any invoices or MBR records, Emerald returns
the floowing error:

Emerald Print Error
20536: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters

I have the server set up to use another printer on the network and all
other applications print just fine. Is this a network related problem or
Emerald, or incomplete/incorrect setup on my part.?

2) When in the MBR Screen, I select Charge to apply a onetime charge to
the record. I select one of the predefined charges, like a setup fee,
and click create. Nothing happens. Nothing is added to the invoice or
the billing information. How do I use this function.

And finally a question: What report (.rpt) file is the e-mail invoice
based upon. I looked at each .rpt file in the emerald directory using
Crystal Professional and none of them matched the invoice that Emerald E
-Mails out. I am just overlooking it?

Thanks :-)

Richard J. Sears
System Administrator
Web Communications Concepts