Ascend Max Dial Back Rates and Charges

Richard J. Sears ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 00:47:52 -0800

We have the following situation and need some guidance or suggestions:

We operate Ascend Max4000's and have certain business ISDN dial back
accounts where we will dial a customer when they have traffic bound for
their ip's (web or mail server). We do dial back where the max initiates
a call to the customer and hangs up and the customer calls us back.

Each time we call the client we charge them 5 cents. We currently track call
back items using perl scripts and I was wondering if there is an easy
(or hard :-) ) way to get Emerald and RadiusNT to tract this so we can
then add the total to the customers next bill automatically.


Richard J. Sears
System Administrator
Web Communications Concepts