Re: Serv-U & New Emerald .75 install

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 12:21:00 -0800

John C. Lange, Sr. wrote:
> HI Dale & All
> Our Registered Key Showed up yesterday, "GREAT".


> To Others: it got here within 8 days of mailing the check.

Geeze, and 7 of those eight days it was "in the mail" to us. We have
been seeing 5-10 days for mail from the east coast. What a pain!

> We recently nuked our Emerald database & reinstalled with Emerald .75 &
> EmerAdmin .74.
> Emerald seems to be working GREAT!
> BUT, (and everyone has a but), now Serv-u Is acting up. It auth's OK
> but will not allow anyone access to their dir. It put's them in the
> proper dir and LIST returns "550 access denied". Anyone in Serv-U's
> database/ini file works great, so Serv-U must be working. I have
> re-installed Serv-U, re-created the ini, tried the old dll and it won't
> Auth. at all. I dl'ed the new dll (dated 2/2/97) again, and that didn't
> help. Still Auth's but "550: access denied" on "LIST".
> Is this an SQL, NT Permissions, Serv-U, su_emer.dll issue?
> In the past, we only had this problem with users with Capital Leters in
> their username or DIR.
> Our users are really complaining... Especially our "PAYING" virtual
> domain customers.

What do you have for the user's home directory? Does serv-u run on the
same machine as the dir? Have you checked permissions?

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