Serv-U & New Emerald .75 install

John C. Lange, Sr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 10:27:53 -0600

HI Dale & All

Our Registered Key Showed up yesterday, "GREAT".

To Others: it got here within 8 days of mailing the check.

We recently nuked our Emerald database & reinstalled with Emerald .75 &
EmerAdmin .74.

Emerald seems to be working GREAT!

BUT, (and everyone has a but), now Serv-u Is acting up. It auth's OK
but will not allow anyone access to their dir. It put's them in the
proper dir and LIST returns "550 access denied". Anyone in Serv-U's
database/ini file works great, so Serv-U must be working. I have
re-installed Serv-U, re-created the ini, tried the old dll and it won't
Auth. at all. I dl'ed the new dll (dated 2/2/97) again, and that didn't
help. Still Auth's but "550: access denied" on "LIST".

Is this an SQL, NT Permissions, Serv-U, su_emer.dll issue?

In the past, we only had this problem with users with Capital Leters in
their username or DIR.

Our users are really complaining... Especially our "PAYING" virtual
domain customers.


Emerald 2.0.75Primary: Radius 1.16.49 -> DOS Prompt => Radius.exe -x15 -b -R1NT Workstation 3.51 sp5Secondary: Radius 1.16.49 -> DOS Prompt => Radius.exe -x15 -b -R1NT Server 4.0 NFR no/spSQL 6.5.201 NFRIntel P133 32MB ram3 - PM2e-30'sUSR Sportster 33.6K

JOhn :}

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