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Wayne Jordan ( )
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:26:48 -0600

Hmmmm... sorry if I did. I was simply trying to relate my personal
experience with spammers and how I handled it.

If I understand what your saying is that they are making the email look
like its coming from you. What you want to be able to do is stop people
from using your SMTP address unless it originates from your ip address?

At 10:06 AM 2/18/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Wayne.. I think you missed the problem... The problem is.. the spammers
>used Post.Office as a gateway to spam other folks.. which made the domain
>that they used appear to be the origin of the spam...
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>> Subject: Re: AW: Post.Office and spamming
>> Date: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 8:41 AM
>> There is a simple way to limit these spammers. All of our email boxes are
>> limited to 5MB's of email at a time. In some situations you could reduce
>> this if it is really bad. Once the mailbox fills up all other mail is
>> returned automatically. Let's don't jump on the bandwagon of trying to
>> derail the openness of the internet just because of these bozo's.
>> I agree they are irritating it isn't enough for me to give up the freedom
>> and openness of the internet. And you are right this is the response from
>> Software.Com, but this isn't something I would consider their problem.
>> is just the nature of the beast. Like Paul Harvey says: "There is no
>> self-govenment without self-control", or at least something like that :-)
>> you get the point. I had one of my customers spamm several list and when
>> started getting all of the irrate email sent to me as postmaster I
>> forwarded every bit of it to him. Within a couple of days he emailed me
>> apologized for his stupidity and said he learned his lessson and would
>> never do it again. To this date he hasn't. Hope this helps.
>> At 01:52 PM 2/18/97 +0100, you wrote:
>> >Just to inform you,
>> >this is from an answer I got from on this problem:
>> >
>> >>Peter,
>> >>
>> >>Yes, you are correct.
>> >>
>> >>Do to the openess of the internet (SMTP) protocols, that we to which we
>> >>adhere, making e-mail communications almost effortless, this has become
>> >>security concern that is plaguing most of the internet industry. We
>> >>currently developing steps to protect you from and prevent these
>> >>from occuring.
>> >>
>> >>Hope this helps...
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
>> >Hoping they finish it in time, before the spammers hit us :(
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>> >>Hello,
>> >>
>> >>Well this is a little off topic but I know there are a number of
>> >>users that are using Post.Office as their email program. The other day
>> >>noticed that my Post.Office mail server was working pretty hard. As I
>> >>discovered, some mass mailers were redirecting spam to my mail server
>> >>distribution. These guys were logging into and had
>> >>my Post.Office mail server as the mail gateway for their spamming. So
>> >>would post a message to Earthlink, earthlink would forward it to me,
>and my
>> >>server would mail out spam all over the net with my mail server's
>> >>Boy I was pissed when I found out. I had been handling an extra
>> >>messages a day for these spammers.
>> >>
>> >>But here is where I really got upset. I contacted asking
>> >>I could do to stop this kind of activity. They informed me that
>> >>Post.Office can NOT filter this stuff out and I'm stuck with these
>> >>for the time being. So I'm looking at switching to sendmail or
>> >>else that can filter out SMTP accepts for message delivery to non local
>> >>domains. So if you are using Post.Office, you should be aware of this
>> >>vulnerability to spamming. I suggest you write and
>> >>then to come up with a fix before your site gets targeted by spammers.
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