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Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:06:13 -0600

Wayne.. I think you missed the problem... The problem is.. the spammers
used Post.Office as a gateway to spam other folks.. which made the domain
that they used appear to be the origin of the spam...

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> Subject: Re: AW: Post.Office and spamming
> Date: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 8:41 AM
> There is a simple way to limit these spammers. All of our email boxes are
> limited to 5MB's of email at a time. In some situations you could reduce
> this if it is really bad. Once the mailbox fills up all other mail is
> returned automatically. Let's don't jump on the bandwagon of trying to
> derail the openness of the internet just because of these bozo's.
> I agree they are irritating it isn't enough for me to give up the freedom
> and openness of the internet. And you are right this is the response from
> Software.Com, but this isn't something I would consider their problem.
> is just the nature of the beast. Like Paul Harvey says: "There is no
> self-govenment without self-control", or at least something like that :-)
> you get the point. I had one of my customers spamm several list and when
> started getting all of the irrate email sent to me as postmaster I
> forwarded every bit of it to him. Within a couple of days he emailed me
> apologized for his stupidity and said he learned his lessson and would
> never do it again. To this date he hasn't. Hope this helps.
> At 01:52 PM 2/18/97 +0100, you wrote:
> >Just to inform you,
> >this is from an answer I got from on this problem:
> >
> >>Peter,
> >>
> >>Yes, you are correct.
> >>
> >>Do to the openess of the internet (SMTP) protocols, that we to which we
> >>adhere, making e-mail communications almost effortless, this has become
> >>security concern that is plaguing most of the internet industry. We
> >>currently developing steps to protect you from and prevent these
> >>from occuring.
> >>
> >>Hope this helps...
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Hoping they finish it in time, before the spammers hit us :(
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> >>Betreff: Post.Office and spamming
> >>
> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>Well this is a little off topic but I know there are a number of
> >>users that are using Post.Office as their email program. The other day
> >>noticed that my Post.Office mail server was working pretty hard. As I
> >>discovered, some mass mailers were redirecting spam to my mail server
> >>distribution. These guys were logging into and had
> >>my Post.Office mail server as the mail gateway for their spamming. So
> >>would post a message to Earthlink, earthlink would forward it to me,
and my
> >>server would mail out spam all over the net with my mail server's
> >>Boy I was pissed when I found out. I had been handling an extra
> >>messages a day for these spammers.
> >>
> >>But here is where I really got upset. I contacted asking
> >>I could do to stop this kind of activity. They informed me that
> >>Post.Office can NOT filter this stuff out and I'm stuck with these
> >>for the time being. So I'm looking at switching to sendmail or
> >>else that can filter out SMTP accepts for message delivery to non local
> >>domains. So if you are using Post.Office, you should be aware of this
> >>vulnerability to spamming. I suggest you write and
> >>then to come up with a fix before your site gets targeted by spammers.
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