RE: [Emerald] A few things I've noticed.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:34:19 -0700

> 1) When you Close a MBR, it doesn't mark it inactive.

Because you can't do final statement summarizations/closing
statements to inactive accounts. 4.5.2 will include a
scheduled task and config option to close these after they
are brought to a zero balance.

> 2) Customizing the colors... The table cell colors in the Show
> Service menu
> are hard coded, changing the colors in the config didn't affect
> them at all.
> 3) Should be a Open Service button

I'll put a BUG/RFE for these.

> 4) Need a nice way to display Open incidents for tech people,

Is the incident search w/open incident option to mean for you? :)
Do we need to add whip cream on top?

> 5) Need ability to toggle Weather or not to send actions via email for
> incidents.

There currently isn't a way to send actions. Since we don't store
the email of the original incident, it couldn't be done automatically

> 6) Print 0 Balance or Credit Statements needs to be broken out
> into separate
> options.. We want to print Credit Statements so we can cut checks etc, No
> need to print 0 balance invoices though. -- also ability to print the 3
> separate things in separate print batches... I.E. Print Statements with
> debits in one batch, then credits in another etc without having to go into
> admin and the options.

Why not just make a CR report for credit accounts that prints on your
checks? Typically most people would leave the credit on the account.
The only time you'd write a check is if you closed the account.

> 7) Think this one was already stated, but, ability to issue credits on
> credit cards.

This one is a little challenging, though. Each CC system handles
credits differently (most require a previous transactions to do the
credit against) and Emerald doesn't track a CC system specific
transaction identifier. We're looking into it, but it might only be
supported with a couple of the more popular ones.

> 8) I get a JavaScript error when I click on custom search on line 810

Try a different browser. Ok, just kidding!



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