[Emerald] A few things I've noticed.

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:06:24 -0400

1) When you Close a MBR, it doesn't mark it inactive.

2) Customizing the colors... The table cell colors in the Show Service menu
are hard coded, changing the colors in the config didn't affect them at all.

3) Should be a Open Service button

4) Need a nice way to display Open incidents for tech people,

5) Need ability to toggle Weather or not to send actions via email for

6) Print 0 Balance or Credit Statements needs to be broken out into separate
options.. We want to print Credit Statements so we can cut checks etc, No
need to print 0 balance invoices though. -- also ability to print the 3
separate things in separate print batches... I.E. Print Statements with
debits in one batch, then credits in another etc without having to go into
admin and the options.

7) Think this one was already stated, but, ability to issue credits on
credit cards.

8) I get a JavaScript error when I click on custom search on line 810

Just a few things I've ran across.

Thanks, Billy

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