Re: [Emerald] A few things I've noticed.

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:18:17 -0400

> > 1) When you Close a MBR, it doesn't mark it inactive.
> Because you can't do final statement summarizations/closing
> statements to inactive accounts. 4.5.2 will include a
> scheduled task and config option to close these after they
> are brought to a zero balance.
Okay, so, the big question is, does a Close account that isn't marked
still authenticate?

> > 2) Customizing the colors... The table cell colors in the Show
> > Service menu
> > are hard coded, changing the colors in the config didn't affect
> > them at all.
> >
> > 3) Should be a Open Service button
> I'll put a BUG/RFE for these.


> > 4) Need a nice way to display Open incidents for tech people,
> Is the incident search w/open incident option to mean for you? :)
> Do we need to add whip cream on top?

No, What I mean, is a toggle or option or something that a tech can have up
and running all the time that displays cases so that he can take care of
them. Instead of having to get into the habbit of going to emerald,
clicking on Advanced search, then Search.. Maybe just having a way to
display a default page and have it auto-refresh every 5 or so minutes would
be good for a support center... Also, the Open Incident search thingie
should display the Inciden #, the First line of the Description, and the
account, and when you click on it go STAIGH to the incident, not the blasted
MBR, then you have to find the service, then you have to click on the
incendent.. Just too dang much clicking, make it a little more intutive and
easy for the support guys. Every click takes a few seconds away from them.

> > 5) Need ability to toggle Weather or not to send actions via email for
> > incidents.
> There currently isn't a way to send actions. Since we don't store
> the email of the original incident, it couldn't be done automatically
> either.

OKay, this I don't understand. When you save a action, simply email it to
the configured email address the same as you do when you open a case up. No
need to store the "original" email, you DO have the original incident memo,
just re-email that along with the appended action. This is how I had my
original incident report utility setup. That worked with 2.5

> > 6) Print 0 Balance or Credit Statements needs to be broken out
> > into separate
> > options.. We want to print Credit Statements so we can cut checks etc,
> > need to print 0 balance invoices though. -- also ability to print the 3
> > separate things in separate print batches... I.E. Print Statements with
> > debits in one batch, then credits in another etc without having to go
> > admin and the options.
> Why not just make a CR report for credit accounts that prints on your
> checks? Typically most people would leave the credit on the account.
> The only time you'd write a check is if you closed the account.

Yes, your correct, the only time I would generate a credit is if they closed
their account, hadn't thought about having a CR report for the checks, but,
I hate CR, and so far, passing arguments from Emerald to CR doesn't work.

> > 7) Think this one was already stated, but, ability to issue credits on
> > credit cards.
> This one is a little challenging, though. Each CC system handles
> credits differently (most require a previous transactions to do the
> credit against) and Emerald doesn't track a CC system specific
> transaction identifier. We're looking into it, but it might only be
> supported with a couple of the more popular ones.

Understood, ICVerify and would be my first two choises..

> > 8) I get a JavaScript error when I click on custom search on line 810
> Try a different browser. Ok, just kidding!


Thanks, Billy...

P.S. Anything on my Scheduler crashing when I do batch in ? Works great when
I don't send email Receipts out. Also, had a few times were the Emeraldsvr
process just dies off.. *boggle*


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