RE: [Emerald] 4.5.2 Feature Request

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:38:59 -0500

I would also like to add to the list, when using the MASS EMAIL function
I would like to be able to select ONLY those that are flagged for "Send
Bill" ONLY.

I have included he original list but renumbered it as I noticed I had 2



> 1. Add Update (save) buttons at TOP of MBR/Subaccounts as sometimes
> what is changed is at the top.
> 2. Add the ability to Email all credit card customers whose CC is
> going to expire in xx days.
> 3. Add the ability to void a CC Awaiting Export Item from the Batch
> Preview Screen.
> 4. Add the ability to edit the CC Awaiting Export CC Expire date
> from the Batch Preview Screen.
> 5. Add the ability to Refund a CC and have it process as a refund..
> Or is that there and I am missing it...
> 6. Flag the CC Expire Date on those Expire Dates that will are
> expired when you run the Batch Preview Screen.
> 7. Add a report for Daily Deposits that allows you to input a
> beginning date and time and a ending date and time for the
> report. I have a 2.5 report that my Office Manager used to
> run when she was making deposits. She put in the beginning
> date/time and ending date/time and that way the report ONLY
> had what she was actually depositing that day. So far, I
> haven't figured out how to make that report work with 4.x!!
> Thanks,
> Ronnie Franklin
> Owner, Internet Texas


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