Re: [Emerald] 4.2 finally running on its own... sorta.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 09:17:42 -0700

> An "invoice" is for a sale, cash or charge, covers one sale of one to many
> items. It is the basic receipt of commerce. The charge ticket or cash
> ticket of a sale.
> A "statement" is a recap of invoices and payments showing what has been
> on an account and what is due, what is past due, etc...
> Is that not what the new emerald does? I havent gotten that far yet.

Yes. Its not what the old Emerald did, though. Emerald 2.5 mixed both
invoices and statements together and called it Invoices.

> Gads this is getting to be a very expensive issue.. redoing everything,
> and reinventing everything to boot. Or am I mistaken?

Whats being reinvented?



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