Re: [Emerald] V4.2.1 Email Text Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 09:26:02 -0700

> 1. is there not a report that I can modify for the Batch mode of
> sending invoices? If not then how can I make that invoice usable, as it
> sure is not now!

There are three send methods: Print, Email Text and Email HTML. Print
and Email HTML use the normal invoice or statement defined. Email text
uses the text invoice or statement defined (hint, you define invoices and
statements in the billing groups).

> 3. I perfer to send invoices for now as that is what the customer
> is use to.. Since I do not do balance forwarding, why would I want to

Your customers are used to a statement, just called an invoice. If its
a semantics issue, replace the word statement with invoice. The invoices
will NOT have payments, previous balances, etc.

> send statements instead of invoices? I also see a concept problem with

Because the statement shows all activity on the account (ie payments
received, aging, etc). Whether you send statements or not, you still
must create them.

> statements.. Maunal says to run statements once per month.. However, I
> do anniversary billing and that concept won't work, or at least I don't
> think it will... With Statements, I would need to run statements every
> day so that the statement is current with the invoices... I guess I just
> don't understand why statements would be better....

Statements can be ran daily right after invoices for those using
anniversary billing. As I mentioned before, you don't have to send
statements, but you MUST create them. There are a lot of pieces
in Emerald that rely on the statements.

> Target date for 4.2.2?
> And if I spend the $$ to move to 4.5.x is everything already fixed?

4.5 does have fixes that are being rolled into 4.2.2. The 4.2.2 patch
is being worked on.

> How about voiding/deleting payments.. No way to do it in 4.2.1 that I
> can find.

Editing and Deleting payments was added to 4.5.



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