[Emerald] 4.2 finally running on its own... sorta.

Robin Galyan ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:52:46 -0400

The world around sais that:

An "invoice" is for a sale, cash or charge, covers one sale of one to many
items. It is the basic receipt of commerce. The charge ticket or cash
ticket of a sale.

A "statement" is a recap of invoices and payments showing what has been paid
on an account and what is due, what is past due, etc...

Is that not what the new emerald does? I havent gotten that far yet.

Gads this is getting to be a very expensive issue.. redoing everything,
and reinventing everything to boot. Or am I mistaken?

Anyway... our status is:

Our 4.2 is running now finally, our tech guru guys have been working for
a couple weeks on getting it ready to stand alone. I have supervised
hundreds of minor and major upgrades and installs over 19 yrs, and none has
paralleled this one. whew!!! tough. Hopefully it will all be worth it.
Im sure that some of the difficulty is due to our unique twist on things,
our custom reports, our custom interfaces, user signups, etc...

All reports come out as pdf's with the same name, so if you are not careful
will over-write others previously made. (A Trivial issue if I get
more/better/faster information about things... )


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