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Dale E. Reed Jr. (
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 09:39:15 -0800

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 09:39:15 -0800
From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [Emerald] Migration issues

Steve Barnes wrote:

> I am currently in the process of upgrading a propietary client billing
> system to Emerald 4. To this end, I've successfully moved all user data,
> with MBRs/Subs, Services, Charges and Rates as well as the supporting
> tables. However I'm wondering if anybody can shed any light on a few issues
> still on my to do list:
> 1: How to properly handle negative balances so that when payment is made
> their is something to bill against. To this end, I thought that creating a
> one time 'Adjustment', basically, a balance forward. I can move the balances

For conversions to Emerald, you should always import the MBR with a 0
balance. If the MBR doesn't have a 0 balance in the old system, put an
entry in the charges table reflecting the amount (negative being a
credit, positive being a charge/owe).

> and populate the appropriate tables, but E4 doesn't 'see' them. If I attempt

I don't quite follow here. They won't appear on the account until the
next invoice and statement creation. You can always make a payment onto
the account. You son't need something to post the payment against?

> to create the adjustments directly through E4, it throws a SQL statement
> error (Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ChargeID', table
> 'dbo.Charges'). Additionally, none of the charge types that I've defined

That ChargeID is an IDENTITY column, and should be left out of the
insert statement. Are you getting this error in the UI or when trying
to created charges outside of Emerald?

> appear in the list,just what appears to be a 'canned' Custom, DNS
> Registration & Activation Fee entries for charge type dropdown).

What are you setting the SortOrder to? Items with a SortOrder of 255
are not shown (that SortOrder is reserved for ones not to show, like set
up charged).

> Thinking I've errored in the creation of the charge types, I attempted to
> add charge types directly through E4, this results in another SQL error
> (Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'SortOrder', table
> 'dbo.ChargeTypes'). I've looked up an undefined sort order value with no
> luck. Is this a bug in E4?

What database type are you using? (MS SQL or Sybase)? It sounds like
there could be something wrong with the DB. How did you create it?


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