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T.G.I.C.\ (dave@tgic.net)
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:42:44 -0500

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From: "Dave P. \(T.G.I.C.\)" <dave@tgic.net>
Subject: [RadiusNT] radiusnt session limits
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:42:44 -0500

I am currently running radiusNT ver 2.5.125 in text mode. My T1 provider is supplying me with modem pools for my 56k dialup customers. My provider uses my radius file for authentication only, then my customers are actually running on my providers equipment and lines. When I asked about monitoring these 56k connections for time abuses, my provider told me that they monitor the lines and disconnect a user after 18 continuous hours. Evidently this is not the case as I was just informed that a particular customer has been on for 5 days. I am now informed that I would need to send additional information thru my authentication file that would set the time limit for each session. I have tried the session timeout line in the users file with no luck. Am I running to old a version or radius? Is there any other way to accomplish time limitations? Any examples would be great. (be kind, I am a novice.)

Dave Palazola
The Gloucester Internet Connection (TGIC)
186 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 282-5150

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