RE: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT Setup... Is this complex?

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** Try to follow along with this scenario, assuming that I am ISP-A:

Followed and understood.

** ISP-A signs contract with NATL-PROVIDER.COM to use and
** resell their ports.
** requests to ISP-A's
** RadiusNT server.

Common stuff.

** ISP-A receives a list of 18 RADIUS servers, which are added
** to the RadiusNT
** RadRoamServers table. Also, 18 entries are made into the
** RadRoamDomains
** table, with each one pointing to a different NATL-PROVIDER.COM
** RadRoamServer. Everything works fine.

Uhm.. actually, you would add those 18 radius servers to your *servers*
table. RadRoamServers and RadRoamDomains are used for realms that you
are proxying for, not realms that are being proxied *to* you.

** As a reseller, ISP-A reaches an agreement with ISP-B
** allowing ISP-B.NET
** customers to use ports provided by NATL-PROVIDER.COM along
** with ISP-A's
** existing ports. Their customers will logon using the
** format.
** NATL-PROVIDER.COM will now forward all USERNAME@ISP-A.NET and
** USERNAME@ISP-B.NET requests to ISP-A's RadiusNT server.
** ISP-A will then
** forward all USERNAME@ISP-B.NET requests to ISP-B's Radius
** server, which is
** behind a firewall.
** In return, ISP-B adds the IP Address and secret of ISP-A's
** Radius server to
** receive and send requests.
** ISP-A adds the IP Address and shared secret of ISP-B's
** Radius server to the
** RadRoamServers table and adds ISP-B.NET to the
** RadRoamDomains table pointing
** to the corresponding RadRoamServer entry.
** Is this all that needs to be done, or does ISP-A need to add
** the 18 Radius
** servers again, and 18 entries in the RadRoamDomains table?

Nope, just 1 entry in the RadRoamServers for each radius server at
ISP-B, then 1 Entry per realm pointing to each server in the
RadRoamDomains table.

** And, what is the most effective way to track ISP-B's usage
** of ISP-A's local
** ports?

Option 1:
- Make sure that the national provider is passing accounting information
back to you
- Make sure that the realm is getting inserted into the calls table
- performing queries from here should be trivial

Option 2:

- ask the national provider to break down the billing based on realm.



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