[Emerald] Continued billing

Mike Hale ( mhale@toua.net )
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 14:56:55 -0700

This might be really simple. I need to continue billing a few customers even
if they don't pay there bill for let's say 6 months. The customers are
government and are good at paying there billing just not in a very timely
fashion. I want to keep this on a monthly schedule so that they are reminded
every month that they need to pay there bill. (If we billed them yearly I
wonder how long it would take them to pay? <shudder> ) Right now they are
set to balance forward and Anniversary for their billing cycle, monthly pay
period, renewal pay method and some of the accounts still show expired. What
am I missing?

On a side note are there any reports that can give open balances on a
certain date?

And lastly if I am set to bill on the 15th and an account is set to expire
on the 10th but has a 10 day temporary extend will emerald print out a bill
for the customer?

Michael Hale
Network Technician TOUA.net
phone: 520-383-5849
fax: 520-383-2218
e-mail: mhale@toua.net

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