RE: [Emerald] batch error/problems

Stephen Woodfin ( )
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:32:29 -0400

If anyone has the latest version prior to 2.5.337 that does not have this
error and would like to forward that on to me, I would greatly appreciate

Stephen Woodfin
Director Software Development

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Any chance you could put up the latest build before 337 that worked, on the
ftp site. Because we went straight from 278 to 337 and we have nothing in
between. Due to issues with 278 I don't want to revert all the back to it.


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Subject: Re: [Emerald] batch error/problems

Stephen Woodfin wrote:
> We are having the same problem. It seems to happen only on accounts that
> have a charge or credit created for them. It would be nice to find out
> is causing this. Other then every one it stops on having a credit or
> charge created in the account I cannot find another similarity as to why
> is stopping.

There is a known problem in 337 where Emerald can block itself when
creating a batch invoice for two or more customers, and the second
or later one has an unapplied charge on it. The workaround is to
use a previous version of Emerald until the next update is released.

> To fix it so that you can bill, go to the master account that it stops on
> after exiting Emerald and invoice next term manually and it seems to work
> fine.

If you process the account by itself, the blocking situation will not


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