Re: [Emerald] Here's one for the Archives!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 10:25:43 -0700

Brian Dooley wrote:
> It did have a username and password originally. After I corrected the billing
> issue it seemed to drop it.

As a side note, integrated login should not be confused with options
like "remember my password". Integrated login means looks at the NT
user I am logged in as, and see if there is a mapped SQL user for
that NT user. If there is, then automatically log me in as that SQL
user (atleast for 6.5). For SQL 7.0, you can assign rights directly
to NT domain users w/out createing an SQL user and doing the mapping.

> With the Integrated login selected I didn't know it had lost the ID or
> password that I had already logged in with.

With integrated login, there is no username or password to remember
or use. Its looking at who you are logged into the machine as.


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