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Brian Dooley ( )
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:52:27 -0400

"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:

> Brian Dooley wrote:
> >
> > Initial Problem,
> >
> > Finally got my monthly overage billings corrected and I was no longer
> > able to access reports of any kind, or email invoices out. CR worked
> > fine on it's own, all other functions of Emerald worked fine on their
> > own. Only reports would always fail, with the following error;
> >
> > "PEStartPrintJob in PrintReport caused error: Cannot open SQL server."
> >
> > Tried reinstalling Emerald, combed all settings for any changes, checked
> > the DB through both Emerald and M$SQL, all to no avail. Tried running
> > Debug mode, with no results.
> >
> > Today I corrected the problem
> >
> > About a week ago I had enabled Integrated SQL Login under preferences in
> > Emerald, so it automatically logged me in each time witout a password.
> > Today I unchecked it to find that the user ID was no longer there.
> > After re-entering the ID and password, all the reports and invoicing of
> > course functioned normally.
> >
> > Kinda weird that Emerald would log me in without a user ID.
> If you do NOT include a username/password, Emerald will try to
> connect using a trusted connection. The option "use trusted
> connection" just tells Emerlad not to prompt for the blank
> username/password. :)
> Remember, Emerald does not use ODBC, but printing does.
> Therefore, if you have Emerald using a trusted connection, and
> ODBC is expecting a username/password (ie, ODBC is NOT configured
> for a trusted connection), then Crystal will fail to connect
> to your SQL Server. Therefore, you have to make sure that
> Emerald and your ODBC connection configuration match in order
> for the printing to work correctly.
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It did have a username and password originally. After I corrected the billing
issue it seemed to drop it.
With the Integrated login selected I didn't know it had lost the ID or
password that I had already logged in with.

The bit about ODBC is useful.
Thanks D.


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