[Emerald] Here's one for the Archives!

Brian Dooley ( support@cserv.net )
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 11:25:30 -0400

Initial Problem,

Finally got my monthly overage billings corrected and I was no longer
able to access reports of any kind, or email invoices out. CR worked
fine on it's own, all other functions of Emerald worked fine on their
own. Only reports would always fail, with the following error;

"PEStartPrintJob in PrintReport caused error: Cannot open SQL server."

Tried reinstalling Emerald, combed all settings for any changes, checked
the DB through both Emerald and M$SQL, all to no avail. Tried running
Debug mode, with no results.

Today I corrected the problem

About a week ago I had enabled Integrated SQL Login under preferences in
Emerald, so it automatically logged me in each time witout a password.
Today I unchecked it to find that the user ID was no longer there.
After re-entering the ID and password, all the reports and invoicing of
course functioned normally.

Kinda weird that Emerald would log me in without a user ID.

Thank You,
Brian Dooley
Classic Service

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