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"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:

> Randy Martin wrote:
> >
> > Is anyone successfully using EmerAuth.dll to authenticate NTMail users? If
> > so, can you give me a quick rundown on how you did it? Did you have to do
> > anything different than what is in the EmerAuth documentation?
> Have you define a logfile and debug mode in EmerAuth and checked to
> see what the logfile has? It typically will tell you what the problem
> is. Also, double check your External System ID Configuration. If you
> don't have the services associated to an ESID and EmerAuth configured
> to use that ESID, then NTMail will not be able to see the users.
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Also make sure you enter the Emerauth.dll in NTMail.

System>DLL>Authentication DLL

and place it (emerauth.dll) where NTMail knows to look for it.

<From NTMail Help>

Authentication DLL
NTMail allows you to implement your own user authentication mechanism should it
be required. When NTMail starts, it looks for the DLL named in the registry key
UserDLLLocation. NTMail will use the DLL whenever a user cannot be validated via
the registry.


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