[Emerald] Login as email address

Jason ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jun 2000 10:21:18 -0500

Something I just noticed here. When I Telnet into my PM3s and look at the
current users online I'll see some that are logged in using their email
address. Previously I thought that was pretty cool since a lot of people do
that and we used to get them calling us saying they could not get on. I
just figured that was one more benefit of Emerald/RadiusNT. Now I think
that these people who log in using their email address don't get hours
counted against their account in Emerald and that is a bad thing.

I guess is there a way we can force Radius/Emerald to post the session time
for someone logged in with their email address to their Emerald account?


Jason Roblyer

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